• Health & Sportsclub Westduin
  • Laan van Poot 355A
  • 2566 AD Den Haag

Opening hours

Tuesday 07:30 - 17:10
Friday 07:30 - 15:00

Physiotherapy Vogelwijk

In the luxurious and characteristic Vogelwijk we have a clinic for physiotherapy and rehabilitation and is located in the Health & Sportsclub Westduin.  Our high-educated and experienced physiotherapists are experts in the treatment of injuries and rehabilitation. Our team has vast experience working with a range of patients from all ages and backgrounds – from office workers to elite athletes. We  aim to get you moving pain-free again. We also provide professional advice and educate our patients how to move better to prevent injuries in the future.

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Treatment modalities

In addition to general physiotherapy at location Vogelwijk, we use several treatment modalities that stimulates the recovery of your injuries/conditions. Frequently used treatment modalities we use on location Vogelwijk include manual therapy, medical taping concept and trigger point therapy.

(Post surgery) rehabilitation at Vogelwijk

Our physiotherapists are high-educated and highly-experienced to treat and guide you during rehabilitation processes. Rehabilitation is an indispensable part within physiotherapy. We see many patients in our practices who need rehabilitation. In most cases we receive patients who need rehab after a surgery. However, we also receive patients who need to rehabilitate after a serious sports injury. Furthermore, we support patients who have had a stroke or brain haemorrhage. After a comprehensive initial assessment, we make an individual rehabilitation plan, including your personal goals.