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B&B Healthcare is a versatile and scientifically oriented physiotherapy clinic with multiple locations in The Hague, Voorburg, Monster and Maassluis. We live and breathe physiotherapy and are constantly refining our techniques and methods aligned to the latest scientific research to ensure that we deliver the best possible physiotherapy treatment to our patients. Physiotherapy based on science means that our advice, treatments and exercises are based on scientific studies. Every day we use our expertise to help you in the best way possible and improve your quality of life.

Your recovery and prevention of conditions/injuries are always central in our clinics. Our team of highly-experienced physiotherapists have a proven track record of getting clients out of physical pain quickly.

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Expertise and experience from professional sport

We guarantee high quality physiotherapy through personal experiences, training and knowledge within the professional sports. We help you get better, faster. We translate our knowledge into a solution for every patient. In addition, our physiotherapists guide multiple professional individuals and teams.