Orthopedic rehabilitation

Rehabilitation is an important aspect within physiotherapy. All our clinics are equipped with modern facilities and materials which allows our patients to recover optimally after a surgery.

There are thousands of operations in the Netherlands every year, many of which are orthopedic or sports related. It is very important to rehabilitate after surgery. Your body should return to its pre-surgery level or even better. That will always be our aim.

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How we work

The goal of orthopedic rehabilitation is to improve mobility, coordination, muscle strength, stability and endurance. Orthopedic rehabilitation is based on multiple protocols. Your recovery will be evaluated several times during the process by means of our extended testing and measurement protocols. During an extensive initial assessment our physiotherapist will discuss your individual goals. These goals differ per person. While one person wants to return to work (work-related), the other wants to return to sport (sport-related).

Within our clinics, physiotherapists and orthopedists work closely together. Through intensive contact and coordination of the treatment after surgery, this ensures an appropriate treatment program. All our clinics have extended training facilities and have certain measuring and testing equipment to map your progress. The tests consist of measuring your joint mobility, muscle control and muscle strength.

Due to a fall while cycling, I had to undergo a shoulder surgery. Bart helped me a lot in the months after my surgery. Was very happy with his guidance and his way of working.

— Olaf

At B&B Healthcare you can rehabilitate after the following operations:

  • Hernia operations, both back and neck;
  • cruciate ligament surgeries;
  • meniscus operations;
  • meniscus transplants;
  • tendon and ligament surgeries;
  • shoulder surgeries;
  • ankle surgeries;
  • total knee (knee prosthesis) and total hip (hip prosthesis).