Knee trajectory after an operation

You have just had knee surgery or the operation is still planned. It is an intensive procedure, which always remains tensive. It is therefore important that you are properly guided in this. Our physiotherapists are happy to assist you in the following situations:

  • In case of an anterior cruciate ligament injury;
  • An injury to the meniscus;
  • New knee;
  • Persistent pain after surgery;
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I was always slightly ahead of schedule and noticed that I was really making progress

— Maaike

Intake and examination

During an extensive intake of the knee process, we will see how you are doing after surgery. How did the operation go and what was the degree of pain at that moment? Based on our intake interview, we create a tailor-made treatment plan, in which objectives, diagnostic tools and training schedules are drawn up. This includes the use of dry needling, but also the strength measurements used and specific knee tests.

When determining the objectives, we set the bar high and our ultimate goal is that you are back to your old level and perhaps even stronger!

The rehabilitation process after knee surgery

B&B Healthcare works with different phases in which the objectives are formulated for each phase. The number of phases a patient is in depends on the injury and the intended goal.

The first phase focuses on improving the quality of life so that you can return to daily activities quickly and healthily. Think of working, walking the dog or going shopping.

The subsequent phases go a few steps further and are mainly aimed at athletes who want to participate in sports activities again. The phase often consists of strength and balance exercises and several tests are performed.

We always get the most out of your recovery. We do this through intensive involvement with you, applying multiple techniques, an advanced training program and a large dose of enthusiasm!

Our knee specialists

Jordy van Tol – Team

Physiotherapist/ Sports physiotherapist

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Bart Noordermeer – Team

Physiotherapist/Sports physiotherapist in training

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Mirjam van Zoelen – Team

Physiotherapist/Sports Physiotherapist

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Elise van der Marel – Team


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Brett de Leede – Team


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Koen Huijgens – Team


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