About us

Our team consists of highly-experienced, educated and enthusiastic physiotherapists. We want you to get better and stay better. We offer professionalism and expertise, and will deal with each case on a personal basis to ensure every patient gets a tailored treatment. We are confident we can help you to achieve your individual goals. We also aim for sustainable care.

Within our multidisciplinary team, the short lines and clear communication also ensure an optimal overview of care. If necessary, we refer you to our in-house specialists for certain conditions.


Why choose B&B Healthcare?

  • We always offer physiotherapy based on scientific evidence;
  • Our physiotherapists have extensive knowledge and experience from working with top athletes. As a result, we are able to offer high-quality physiotherapy with ambitious goals and efficient recovery.
  • We have all specialists in-house. From neurological conditions to spine-related conditions;
  • Our clinics are provided with spacious areas including modern equipment and materials. Therefore, we guarantee our patients the best recovery possible;
  • Easily accessible with currently 12 clinics in and around The Hague;
  • Because we have multiple clinics, we make it possible that you can make an appointment within 24 hours
  • Contracts with all health insurers, which means that the invoice goes directly to your health insurance and you don’t have to pay in advance;
  • Affiliated with “Keurmerk Fysiotherapie”. This way you are assured of high-quality physiotherapy;

How we work

At B&B Healthcare we use a structured working method within our team to treat conditions as effectively as possible. We have divided our working method into three phases, namely:

  • Diagnosis;
  • Therapy;
  • Aftercare and/or prevention.

I tore my knee ligament during a volleyball game. After my surgery I started rehabilitation at B&B Healthcare. Their way of working was very nice. They did everything step by step and in the meantime they keep track of the results to see the progress. After almost 8 months I’m finally back on the field!

— Kim