Medical Taping Concept

The Medical Taping Concept is a new way of taping, with a light and elastic material. The CureTape can be a solution for a wide range of health conditions, including treatment of injuries, reducing inflammation or fluid accumulation (edema, hydrops or hematoma), posture correction, treatment of conditions due to overload and headache.

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The CureTape has been developed in such a way that it corresponds to the elasticity and weight of our skin. Due to its elasticity, the tape has a kind of lifting effect on the epidermis. In the space under the epidermis are all kinds of receptors and blood and lymph vessels. In the event of tissue damage, an inflammatory reaction occurs and, through swelling, there is too much pressure on the pain receptors under the epidermis. Due to the lifting effect of the CureTape, this pressure decreases and blood circulation and lymph drainage are restored. This reduces the pressure on the pain receptors and the pain experienced. This automatically promotes the movement pattern.

The immobilization period should therefore be as short as possible. Due to the elasticity of the CureTape, there is hardly any immobilization of the body region. Moreover, CureTape has been developed with anti-allergic, ventilating and skin-friendly properties. As a result, the CureTape can be worn for a longer period of time and therefore treatment takes place every 24 hours. The tape contains the following effects:

  • Improving muscle function through tone regulation;
  • Remove impediments to blood circulation and lymphatic drainage;
  • Pain relief;
  • Support joint function by stimulating proprioception, correcting the direction of movement and increasing stability;
  • Neuro-reflective influence.