Physiotherapy The Hague

Are you looking for physiotherapy in The Hague? B&B Healthcare is a physiotherapy clinic where quality, accessibility and expertise are the core values. In our clinics we work in a committed way on your recovery and the prevention of physical conditions. The locations in The Hague are always provided with modern equipment and materials so that you can train and recover in the most efficient way. Our goal is that you can move pain-free again and that you can continue to do so.

During a comprehensive initial assessment, we will make a detailed report of your conditions. In addition, we will ask a few questions and we perform a physical examination. On the basis of the results, we will make a clear plan of care.

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Physiotherapy treatments

At our clinics we provide physiotherapy and (post-surgery) rehab including professional advice and guidance. Depending on your conditions, we determine which physiotherapy treatment will provide the optimal result so that you can resume your daily activities as quickly as possible. Our expert team of physiotherapists offer a wide range of physiotherapy treatments. Frequently used treatments within our clinics include dry needling, trigger point therapy and manual therapy.

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Do you have questions about your physical health or conditions/injuries? Our physiotherapists are ready to answer your questions and find an effective solution for your conditions. Are you looking for a professional physiotherapy clinic in The Hague? Do not hesitate to contact us.

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