Echotherapy is an innovative and effective technique using ultrasound. Using echotherapy, abnormalities in muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones can be visualized. After abnormalities have been found, we can better determine your treatment process. It can also be decided to to start a different process through the general practitioner.

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Ultrasound physiotherapy at B&B Healthcare

Echotherapy (using ultrasound) gives our physiotherapists better insight to distinguish and study different structures of tissue, for example:

  • Bones;
  • Joints;
  • Muscles;
  • Tendons;

Ultrasound is mainly used additionally, which provides more detailed information. With an ultrasound examination, our physiotherapists can quickly and clearly determine what is causing your pain and where it is coming from. Based on the results, we can make a good treatment plan for your injury/condition.

Echotherapy: for which conditions?

Ultrasound within physiotherapy can be applied to anyone. It can be used for the following conditions, among others:

  • (Achilles) tendon conditions;
  • Muscle conditions;
  • Recent conditions;
  • Shoulder conditions;
  • knee problems;
  • elbow conditions;
  • ankle conditions;
  • hip conditions.