Physiotherapy upper body

B&B Healthcare has multiple physiotherapists who are specialized in the upper body. Within our clinics we see many different conditions of the upper body with different causes. Bad posture, a sports related injury or an accident are the most common causes. Lately we also receive patients which have conditions/pain in the upper body as a result of working at home. We divide conditions in our upper body into the following categories:

  • Neck conditions;
  • Shoulder conditions;
  • Conditions around the ribs;
  • Arm, hand and wrist conditions.
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Tailored treatment

The treatment of your upper body conditions depends on the results of the initial assessment and the physical examination. Information and advice (certainly in the event of recurring conditions) will always be a part of the treatment. Treatment for upper body conditions is aimed at strengthen exercises, coordination, stability and mobility of the joints. In some situations, mobilization, massage, dry needling or shockwave therapy can be used for optimal recovery.

After working from home for so long, I experienced a lot of pain in my lower back. After good treatment and advice from Karim, I can work from home again without any complaints.

— Peter