Ankle trajectory

Ankle complaints are common problems that can affect people of all ages. We see patients with ankle complaints every day in one of our clinics. They can occur due to various causes, including sprains, strains, fractures and overuse. The recovery process for ankle complaints can vary depending on the severity of the injury and the individual characteristics of the patient.

Physiotherapy plays an essential role in promoting successful rehabilitation and maximizing recovery from ankle complaints.

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Intake and examination

When addressing ankle complaints, the rehabilitation process begins with a thorough evaluation of the injury. A physiotherapist will assess the extent of the injury, including the extent of swelling and any restrictions in movement. In addition, the physiotherapist may perform additional tests, such as measuring the patient’s mobility, muscle strength and balance. This assessment helps determine the appropriate treatment strategy and set realistic goals for rehabilitation.

The rehabilitation process for ankle complaints

Initially, it is a good idea to rest the affected ankle and, if necessary, protect it with a brace, splint or plaster. In some cases, mobilization is advised to promote blood flow.

As the ankle heals, rehabilitation will focus on regaining range of motion, muscle strength and flexibility. Our physiotherapists will prescribe specific exercises to strengthen the ankle and improve stability. These exercises can range from simple movements such as ankle circles to more advanced exercises involving resistance bands and balance boards.

As the ankle strengthens, the emphasis in the next phase will shift to regaining functional range of motion, such as walking, running and jumping using. mobility training. It is important to build up the load gradually to avoid overload.

Good balance is crucial for preventing future ankle injuries. Balance training is therefore in many cases integrated into the rehabilitation program to improve proprioception (the awareness of the position of the body) and stability.

In the third phase we focus on more targeted training. The rehabilitation will focus on training specific activities that are relevant to the patient, such as sports-related movements or daily tasks.

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