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We see patients with back-related complaints in our clinics every day. It is a common complaint and hinders many patients with their sports, work or other daily activities. In many cases, rest is not the solution, which increases frustration.

In our back programs we treat a wide range of back complaints. If you recognize one of the complaints below, our physiotherapists are ready to help you:

  • Hernia after surgery or hernia without surgery
  • Long-term back complaints (or neck complaints that radiate to the back)
  • Rheumatism
  • Specific lower back pain
  • Pelvic instability
  • And much more.
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I had been at home for several weeks with severe back pain and was severely limited in my daily activities. After a good treatment program at B&B Healthcare, I can finally do my things again!

— Bastiaan

Intake and examination

During an extensive intake we will investigate the specific details of the back complaints. During our intake we will perform a physical examination to rule out certain aspects in order to make the best possible diagnosis. Based on the research, we create a tailor-made back plan including objectives and an extensive exercise program.

When determining the objectives, we set the bar high and our ultimate goal is that you are back to your old level and perhaps even stronger!

The rehabilitation process for back problems

Back rehabilitation involves targeted work and training to improve mobility, strength, posture and fitness. We do targeted exercises to strengthen the muscles in and around the back, optimize flexibility, improve posture and reduce or eliminate muscle tension.

During the rehabilitation process we will apply several treatment techniques, including manual therapy as the most commonly used. With manual therapy we resolve or reduce joint and radiating pain by mobilizing the spine, back and/or other joints. We employ several experienced manual therapists to tackle back problems!

You can also expect an active approach from us. Through an active exercise program, in addition to the treatment in the treatment room, we go directly into the exercise room. Part of the treatment consists of information and homework exercises to get your back problems under control and to optimize the load-bearing capacity of the back.

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At the beginning of the process, we focus on improving your quality of life so that you can return to daily activities quickly and healthily. Think of walking, shopping or working.

The subsequent phases go a few steps further and are mainly aimed at athletes who want to participate in sports activities again. The phase often consists of strength and balance exercises and several tests are performed.

Our spinal experts

Dennis Puttkammer – Team

Physiotherapist/ Manual therapist

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Sanne Harland – Team

Physiotherapist / Manual therapist

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Lloyd Nuyten – Team


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We always get the most out of your recovery. We do this through intensive involvement with you, applying multiple techniques, an advanced training program and a large dose of enthusiasm!