Costs and coverage

B&B Healthcare has contracts with all health insurers. This means that we use the terms that the health insurers use. If you have additional insurance, the bills for physiotherapy will go to the insurance company and will not fall within your deductible. Physiotherapy for people under the age of 18 is included in the basic insurance and can receive 18 treatments per calendar year.


Physiotherapy session € 45
Physiotherapy session at home € 68
Manual therapy session € 55
Manual therapy session at home € 78
Geriatric / Pelvic physiotherapy € 55
Geriatric physiotherapy/ Pelvic physiotherapy at home € 78
Exercise therapy Mensendieck € 55
Exercise therapy Mensendieck at home € 78
Long session of physiotherapy € 75
Long session of physiotherapy at home € 90
One-off physiotherapy examination € 45
Intake and examination after screening or after referral € 55
Intake and examination with or without referral at home € 68
Long time consuming physiotherapy reports € 95
Appointment not kept or canceled on time € 40

Additional insurance

If you have an additional health insurance for physiotherapy, these treatments are not covered by your deductible. This means that you do not pay a deductible when you go to a physiotherapist with an additional health insurance. However, in the case of chronic indications, the deductible is first used at the beginning of the calendar year. In the case of a chronic indication, the first 20 treatments are covered by your additional insurance. After these 20 treatments, the physiotherapy reimbursement comes from the basic package. This will mean that if you do not have enough additional insurance, you will have to pay for a number of treatments yourself.