Physiotherapy lower body

B&B Healthcare has multiple physiotherapists who are specialized in the lower body. Within our clinics we see many different conditions of the lower body with different causes. We divide lower body conditions into the following categories:

  • Hip;
  • Thigh;
  • Knee;
  • Lower leg;
  • Ankle;
  • Feet.
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The treatment

The treatment of the lower body conditions depends on the results of the initial assessment and the physical examination. Treatment for lower body conditions is aimed at strengthen exercises, coordination, stability and mobility of the joints. In some situations, mobilization, massage, dry needling or shockwave therapy can be used for optimal recovery.

Most common conditions in the lower body

Most common conditions in the lower body are:

  • Hip osteoarthritis/new hip;
  • Upper leg muscle tears/muscle strain;
  • Knee operations such as: cruciate ligament surgery, meniscus surgery, new knee;
  • Knee injuries such as: inner/external ligament strain/torn, knee osteoarthritis, patella femoral pain syndrome, jumpers’ knee, runners’ knee;
  • Ankle complaints such as sprained or torn ankle ligaments;
  • Heel spurs;
  • Achilles’ tendon complaints.