Karin Verkerk – Team


Who is Karin

My name is Karin Verkerk, as a physiotherapist, health scientist, epidemiologist and sonographer I have been trying to guide people at the Fysiodocwerk location in Maassluis for several years in improving and recovering from their health problems. The musculoskeletal system and people continue to fascinate me, partly because of the combination of work, in which I work 2 days at the Fysiodocwerk location (Tuesday/Thursday) and the other days in education and research.
Spine-related disorders (e.g. neck and lower back pain) as well as complaints from the knee and shoulder region are target groups that I frequently see within the practice. Rehabilitation is the starting point. In recent years, this has been supplemented with ultrasound, which allows me to make various recordings of the posture and musculoskeletal system. This means the muscles, ligaments, bursae and joints, for example the knee or shoulder. This allows us to visualize various conditions. A better diagnosis will better shape the start of the treatment process. But it is also possible to adjust the treatment after an ultrasound diagnosis in the event of complications or delays within the treatment process.