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Physiotherapy Benoordenhout

Looking for physiotherapy Benoordenhout? B&B Healthcare has opened a new location on the grounds of the Hague Rugby Club (HRC). At this location you can go for general physiotherapy, sports rehabilitation/rehabilitation and personal fitness.

The vision “life is movement” is central to B&B Healthcare. That is why our goal is to help you move pain-free again. Our team of specialized physiotherapists is ready to provide you with personal guidance. When you schedule an appointment with one of our physiotherapists, we will look together at the causes of your complaints.

Are you looking for a good physio in The Hague to reduce/resolve your complaints? Make your appointment today.

Call us 085 301 15 05 Make an appointment

Rehabilitation process at B&B Healthcare in Benoordenhout

In addition to physio at the Benoordenhout location, you can also go for rehabilitation. Rehabilitation is an important aspect of physiotherapy treatment. We have the right facilities and treatment options at this location for optimal rehabilitation. We also have special measuring and testing equipment here to map progress. The tests include measuring the mobility, muscle control and muscle strength of the joint. Our goal in the orthopedic rehabilitation process is to improve your mobility, coordination, muscle strength, stability and endurance.

Our physiotherapists at the Benoordenhout location

Dennis Puttkammer – Team

Physiotherapist/ Manual therapist

Wervelkolom Knieklachten Schouderklachten Meer info
Frank van der Meer – Team

Strenght and Conditioning Trainer

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Luuk Truijens

Strenght and Conditioning Trainer

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Sabine Jacobs – Team


Knieklachten Enkelklachten Meer info
Nicole Masal – Team

Physiotherapist / Sports Physiotherapist

Schouderklachten Onderste Extremiteit Dry Needling Hersenschudding Meer info
Rutger van Hulsen – Team

Physiotherapist / Sports Physiotherapist

Sportblessures Onderste extremiteit Meer info